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In New York (NYC), breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty and liposuction are the procedures most commonly performed by Drs. Norman and Philip Godfrey, surgeon partners at Godfrey & Godfrey.

The New York cosmetic surgery practice of Godfrey & Godfrey has offices in Manhattan and Queens. Founded in 1981, Godfrey & Godfrey has come to be recognized as one of the world's preeminent cosmetic surgery groups. Each of the doctors has a superspecialized practice, allowing him to bring patients the kind of focused expertise that only anatomical specialization can produce. Dr. Norman Godfrey specializes in facial plastic surgery with a particular emphasis upon rhinoplasty, (nose surgery). Dr. Philip Godfrey limits his practice to cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring. Working together, the two doctors are able to provide the best in cosmetic plastic surgery care for patients with a wide variety of aesthetic concerns.

Insurance Won't Cover That Ugly Bump?

Many find that if they are troubled by a skin lesion that is non-cancerous, their insurance companies will often not cover treatment.

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16 years and counting!

Drs. Norman and Philip Godfrey have once again been cited as among New York's finest plastic surgeons, this time in the first "Health" issue of New York Magazine.

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This web site will provide you an introduction to cosmetic plastic surgery as well as information about our doctors and their practice. While every effort is made to keep content accurate and current, web content should not be considered a substitute for a complete consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Norman Godfrey and Dr. Philip Godfrey stand ready to assist in the education of individuals wishing to determine if cosmetic surgery could be right for them.

what people are saying

Maricel Q
Re: Dr. Philip Godfrey

"I just wanted to let Dr. Godfrey know about my recent trip to my OBGYN.

I haven't seen her since nearly a year ago, and Dr. Godfrey had done my breast augmentation just after I was last there. When she was examining me she said that she noticed that I had "grown" (in the breast), but noted that my weight had not really changed.

When she examined me more completely, she realized that I had had the surgery! She said that my result was the most natural that she had ever seen, and wanted Dr. Godfrey's address so she could refer other patients. Although she swore me to secrecy, she told me that she plans to see him herself!

I want to thank Dr. Godfrey for not giving me fake-looking boobs, but the beautiful figure I was hoping for."

Connie L.
Re: Dr. Norman Godfrey

"OMG! How do I thank the doctor enough?

I went to him with like the worst nose ever, and I had already had 2 surgeries that just made new problems. Dr. Godfrey spent a bunch of time figuring out my situation and making it clear to me what could be done, but also what couldn't.

I now have a really pretty tip for my nose and can actually breathe again."


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